Tony Barros

Tony Barros, Associate Pastor of Education and Administration

What a joyful journey these last 30 years have been. I was called to the people of Woodward on December 18th, 1983. I have always had an intimate knowledge that the Lord led me to this community and His body that we call First Baptist Church of Woodward.

The seasons of this journey have mirrored what the writer of Ecclesiastes has penned- there have been: times of joy and times of sorrow, times of harvest and times of drought, times of life and times of death. The most exciting event was the Lord’s presence guided us in each of these times and empowering the “ekklesia” (called out body of believers) to enjoy “koninonia” (Christ centered, Christ directed fellowship).


The best days of First Baptist Church are ahead of us. The community of Woodward is changing and the challenge is before us to reach them with the “Gospel of Christ”. The message that Jesus is the only way to the Father will never change. Methods and programs must constantly adapt and change but the command of the Lord to go and make disciples always will take us into our community and outside our walls to reach people.

With that being said, I would like you to become a part fellowship that is wanting to transform this community with the message of Christ. “His Passion~Our Purpose”.