Sarah Kamolz

Sarah Kamolz, Media Secretary

I have lived in Woodward all of my life and have been “creatively minded” as long as I could hold a crayon. My family has a small joke for me that I was the “Tape Queen” when I was younger because I could pretty much fix or put together anything with tape! My home has always been filled with laughter and singing and my family has a talent for creating a song from one phrase, even if the song is silly!

I became a Christian when I was 12 years old. Although I’ve gone to church all my life, before I was saved, I was in great need of Christ’s hand in my life leading me on the path he had planned for me. My family had been going to First Baptist Church of Woodward for about a year at that point and it was there I followed in the steps of obedience of Baptism, showing my church family that I was a Christ Follower.

Once I had graduated High School, I was off on the next adventure to college. I attended the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma and regardless of the fact that it is a Liberal College, my faith in God grew along with my knowledge in the Art and Media field. Halfway through my higher education, the Lord opened my eyes for my husband, Jacob Kamolz.
We married in the fall of 2010 and I graduated from USAO that winter with a Bachelor in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Photography and Graphic Design.

I worked as a self employed portrait and wedding photographer from the summer of 2009 until currently. I only do photography now in small bits on the side of working as the Media Secretary at First Baptist Church of Woodward.

In January of 2013, Jacob and I found out that I was pregnant with our first child! We could not have been more thrilled! Everything was going great and when we went to our routine check-up in the first part of May to find out if we would be buying pink or blue, our whole world came caving in. My pregnancy turned from routine to having complications. On May 13th, I delivered our baby girl, Faith Kamolz, who had died in my womb several days earlier. We prayed for miraculous healing, peace, comfort, and understanding continually through those 12 days, and God healed our baby girl in the most ultimate way possible, by bringing her home to heaven. I’m sure Faith and Papa Bradley are having a grand time in the presence of our Savior.

2013 has been one of the most challenging and life changing years for me. I cannot explain the heartbreak, fear, disappointment, and whirlwind of a million other emotions I have felt since May, but I choose everyday to seek the Lord’s will and for Him to guide Jacob and I in His path. I do not understand all the reasons why God chose me to go through this storm, but I pray that Jacob and I’s faith in Christ’s never-failing plan is a testament of our dedication to our Father God. That is why we named our baby girl Faith, because it was faith that brought us through the storm. I have faith that God will bless us with healhty children and I can’t wait to love on and teach them of God’s never-ending love and guidance!

Life’s struggles are a constant reminder to me that this planet we live on is not our home and that we are only here to be vessels for Christ, and He allows us the joys and blessings we do have in this life.

I am blessed to be a part of such a great Godly team and with the family and friends that surround my life.