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Isn’t this moisture such a blessing!!? Because of the predicted moisture and likely temperature drop as it gets darker this evening, there will be NO WEDNESDAY ACTIVITIES TODAY. That includes Bible Drill, AWANA meal, AWANA Club, Adult Choir, Youth, Band Practice, Prayer Meeting, Nursery, etc. Enjoy the evening safe at home with your family! See […]

Lets Take Better Precaution

Fever Free for 24 Hours Alrighty, we are going to have to do better. There are a lot of people, adults and children, showing up to activities such as AWANA, Nursery, and Children’s Choir that are sick. We are currently losing this battle and even though so many precautions are being taken to avoid this problem, what […]

Nifty Gift Ideas for the Short on Change

Presenting the first ever “Nifty Gift Ideas for the Short on Change!” In case you didn’t completely get what this is about from the title, Nifty Gift Ideas for the Short on Change is a list where people with great ideas help out those short on great ideas and short on change or just looking […]