Lets Take Better Precaution

Fever Free for 24 Hours

Alrighty, we are going to have to do better. There are a lot of people, adults and children, showing up to activities such as AWANA, Nursery, and Children’s Choir that are sick.

We are currently losing this battle and even though so many precautions are being taken to avoid this problem, what we are doing apparently isn’t working. Most of the Nursery and AWANA workers are very sick and haven’t been able to come and fulfill their duties for several weeks. We have some helpers who are going on their second to third week of being sick and staying home!

PLEASE do NOT bring your child to church if they have had symptoms of or the flu or cold within 24 hours. And the same goes for parents.

We clean the rooms the children are in so thouroughly, the flu germs have to be coming from being in the same room with the children. Did you know that flu germs can be caught up to 6 feet away!?

So please be mindful of your children and how they are feeling before you come to church activites, especially if there have been people in your house who have been sick recently!

We want everyone to get better!