Valentine’s Banquet Child Care List

Here are the list of the youth who would love to watch your children for the Valentine’s Banquet!

You will need to call the church office to get a phone number for one of these — 580-256-2837

After you’ve called the church office and gotten a number for one of the youth, you will need to call your youth and make arrangements.

Also, the teens will watch your child either at your house or theirs, NOT at the church. There will be NO nursery provided for this evening.

  • Haley Arnett
  • Becky Sanderson
  • Emilly Giacomo
  • Savanah Hawthorne
  • Alejandra Rosales
  • Aspen Rutledge
  • Gentry Mortensen
  • Zac Quinby
  • Baylee Webster
  • Hattie Brittain

Thanks! We are SO looking forward to this event!!