Nifty Gift Ideas for the Short on Change

Presenting the first ever “Nifty Gift Ideas for the Short on Change!”

In case you didn’t completely get what this is about from the title, Nifty Gift Ideas for the Short on Change is a list where people with great ideas help out those short on great ideas and short on change or just looking for a nifty gift idea that doesn’t cost much!

So if you have an idea of a gift to give someone that doesn’t cost much, please comment below and we will add it as we go!

Here’s some ideas to start us off!

1. Peppermint Stick Cocoa – Awe the gift of food! – Click HERE for more!

2. Give a child or grandchild a photo of your self when you were their age, or close!

3. Similar to above, give a family member a copy of an old family photo.

4. Cookie Dough and Recipe – print the recipe on white paper and wrap around frozen cookie dough log wrapped in wax paper or something like that and tie ends – Click HERE for more information.

5. Fizzing Sidewalk Paint – Wow! Fun! – Click HERE

6. Water Gun Holster – Click HERE

PLEASE comment with your ideas below!